GHOSTED – Get Some (Ft. Kamille)

“Get Some” out now.

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Cast // Elizabeth Scopel, Dakota Lustick, Emily Kristen Moody, Stephanie Rocío

Production Companies // The American Standard Film Co. & Yacht Club Films //

Production // Jake Ladehoff, Joe DePasquale, Zach Law, Tyler Walker, Veronica Pomilla, Adam G. Emerson, Matt Morgan

Cinematography // Conor Murphy

Assistant Camera // Christie Leitzell

Art + Design // Gabriella Moses, Chazz Foggie,
Peter Chapman, Sarah Lammer

Edit // Matt Morgan, Katherine Yates, Jordan Michael Blake

Color // Alan Gordon, Post Pro Gumbo

GE // Seth Margolies, Isaac Berner, Alex Echevarria,

HMU // Valentina Gomez, Jose L Lopez

Werewolf Design & Construction // Rashaad Santiago

Original Score // Chris Ruenes

Casting Director // Erica Hart

Commissioner // John Moule

Special Thanks // Greg Barnes, Zack Block, Anastasia Holl, Jake Miller, Lauren Minnerath

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